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Proliant G5 Newbie Question

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Proliant G5 Newbie Question

Hi there,
I have very little experience of setting up a new server, so please bear with me if these are really simple questions.

I have a Proliant G5 to which I've fitted two hot slide SATA 250Gb drives.

On insertion of the smartstart disks, the system goes off and examines the hardware etc, and then came back and stated that there was no bootable drives available and so use the ROM (RBSU) utility to do so.

So as a result, I went in to the RBSU and enabled the HP on-board SATA controller and created a RAID 1 array of both disks, and then built the array.

When I still then run the smartstart CD it then still states that there are no bootable devices.

Now I know that I can probably get away with installing Windows SBS 2003 manually, but I would have preferred to have done so using the assisted CD rather than the manual way.

I've spoken with HP support, but they seemed to indicate that the best way would be to use another SATA controller which would then be controllable via the smartstart CD (and if this is correct what would I be looking ofr to buy in this case). However, I'm confused a little by this as I would have thought that using the on-board controller would be controllable by the smartstart CD as well, so I'm a little worried I've done something wrong before I get started.

Thanks for any replies I get to this query.
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Re: Proliant G5 Newbie Question

Hi there,

As far as my knowledge goes the smartstart cd detects smart array controllers an not the embedded SATA controllers.

If you have decided to use the HP on-board SATA controller then you would need to do a manual installation and then press the F6 key to load the HP on-board SATA controller controller drivers via a USB floppy drive (preferably a HP USB floppy drive).

I believe HP support asked you to buy the E200 controller because smartstart does detect the E200 controller.

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Re: Proliant G5 Newbie Question


well I don't which G5 you are talking about, there G5 , 100 Series, G5 300 Series, ...

as Cookie says Embedded SATA Controller is not supported by Smart Start CD(SSCD),
other thing for example if you got an ml110 g5 and e200 SSCD won't work either since it is 100 Series

so basically yes manually installation is your way to go or use nlite just google it

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Re: Proliant G5 Newbie Question

Although SmartStart is handy, you can still perform a regular installation of an operating system, then browse the SmartStart CD for the drivers. If memory serves me, I believe there is a folder named csp somewhere on there. I think this stood for Compaq Support Paq. If you follow it down far enough you can execute the setup to detect and install drivers. Alternatively you could download the latest Proliant Support Paq from the HP website. It's just a thought though.