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Proliant G6 won't boot

John Bowe
Occasional Contributor

Proliant G6 won't boot

Three different Proliant DL380 G6's have now had this issue. Brand new ones in fact. System won't boot when power switch is used. Both Proc led's are lit. Only when AC power is pulled for a bit and then plugged back in will the error condition clear.

Re: Proliant G6 won't boot

Hi John,

how many power supplies do you have in these servers and how are they connected to power source

if connected to UPS, try with direct connection and check or visa versa.

reseat all the components in one of the servers and check whether it makes any difference.

clear the NVRAM and update the system bios.

if problem still persists, log a case with HP.


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Michael A. McKenney
Respected Contributor

Re: Proliant G6 won't boot

I would plug them into a power strip on the wall and see if each boots. How big is your UPS? Three DL380 G6 could need 6kVA. If you UPS is under 10kVA, I would replace it for those three servers.
John Bowe
Occasional Contributor

Re: Proliant G6 won't boot

This so far has only affected three servers out of dozens. All of them recently installed.
Power is ok. Once AC power is removed and reapplied, no further events have occurred as yet. I just wanted to see if this was a unique phenomenon or a just now surfacing class problem.