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Proliant GL380 G5 LCD display

Erik Keller
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Proliant GL380 G5 LCD display

I believe it is caled the 'Systems Insight Display', but I call it the LCD display panel. Anyways, I have setup my server, but this display is dark. I check the cables and they are ok. Any ideas?
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Re: Proliant GL380 G5 LCD display


The LED panel shows faults against each component. The only LEDs which should be green for example are those for specific memory configurations (Online Spare and Mirroring). If you don't have this type of memory configuration set up then all LEDs should be off.

If a fault occurs then the associated LED will be amber. This panel shows you exactly what the failing component is quickly. In previous generations of the DL380 (G4, G3, G2 etc.) you had to open the server lid to see which LED was lit and determine the failing component from that.

You should only worry when one of the LEDs is amber. Your system is perfectly OK if all LED's are out.

Please see attached pdf file.

I hope this helps.