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Proliant MALLS

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Proliant MALLS

I have a HP Proliant MALLS Tower Server which does not display but Keyboard number lock,scroll Lock nad caps lock LED's are blinking.

Server LED's are all on and green,fan rotating constantly.

What could be the problem?

Help Please

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Re: Proliant MALLS

MALLS is not a valid Proliant model identifier.


A typical model identifier would be XXnnn Gn, where:

  • XX = chassis type, like BL, DL, ML or SL. A tower server is probably ML.
  • nnn = model number, like 370.
  • Gn = generation number. An original version of a particular model may not have the generation number visible, but it can be considered "generation 1", i.e. G1. When the model is updated, the generation number increases and is always included, like G2, G3 etc. It may include extra letters e.g. G8p if there are multiple variants of the model in that particular generation.

Find the documentation for your server model at: -> Product support & Troubleshooting.


Did you find  the server in this state while it was already powered on, or did this happen when you attempted to switch it on?


If it was already powered on, the server's operating system may have crashed (the blinking keyboard LEDs can indicate kernel panic in some Linux versions at least). Try rebooting it and see what happens: if the server boots up normally, examine the operating system logs to see if there is any more information about the crash.


If this happens when switching on the server, it suggests a hardware issue. Try removing all add-ons and non-essential components: if the server now boots, then add back the removed components one by one and test after each addition. When the server stops booting, the last component you added is probably the failed one.

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Re: Proliant ML350

Yes,i found it this way today morning.

i left it for the weekend and it was ok.

i have tried unpluging all cables at the back and back on,still when i switch it on,only fan rotating,Front LED's on,while keyboard 3 LED's Blinking. There is no post messages.