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Proliant ML 110 with SATA - Storage & Backup Advice

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Proliant ML 110 with SATA - Storage & Backup Advice

Any advice on what the ideal storage config will be on the ML110 that will be a PDC, File/Print Server and host toa small Sybase DB (no more than 20 GB Sybase Instance)? It will run Windows Small Business Server 2003 but we could opt for Linux as well if the cost of Sybase becomes prohibitively expensive.

Am looking at simply using OS mirroring - 2 40GB drives for the OS, apps, tools, File share and 2 40GB for additional file share and Sybase instance.

Would Windows Mirroring suffice or should I add in a SATA RAID controller card if the built in SATA controller does not support RAID?

Regarding backups:

What kind of tape backup device should I use. I wanted to use simply an IDE solution or a DDS72 (which will require a SCSI card). If I have 4 SATA drives in their already.. will a DDS72 drive still fit?
Hakuna Matata.
Steven Clementi
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Re: Proliant ML 110 with SATA - Storage & Backup Advice

For such a small environment, I think it would be able to hand OS mirroring. The 4port SATA RAID card would be better for protection, but not necessary.

The DDS72 would fit into the internal 5 1/4 drive bays where as the 4 SATA drives would fit into the internal 4 drive cage sitting right below.

Quick Specs: (I am sure you seen, but pictures are sometimes missed.. respectively.. #7 would be for the dds72 and #5 for the sata drives.

Steven Clementi
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