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Proliant ML 370 SCSI Fault Led Flashing

Yonas Bekele
Occasional Visitor

Proliant ML 370 SCSI Fault Led Flashing

Hi Everyone,
I provide support for one of my business clients on Network management. We purchased a Proliant ML 370 G3 server two months before. The server used Hot-plug SCSI Harddisks(Three with hardware RAID 5).

last friday I tried to cpoy a big file (like 11 GB) on to a drive. On Monday when I come to work I see that the Fuault led for the SCSI on slot 2 is flashing. Since it is RAID 5, we do not lose data.
There is smart array controller installed in the server and the bios for this smartarray controller (642) reports that the Drive in slot 2( the third SCSI ) should be replaced when time permits.

What we should we do about it?

Thanks in advance.


Sunil Jerath
Honored Contributor

Re: Proliant ML 370 SCSI Fault Led Flashing

Hello Yonas,
The drive in slot 2 is indicating an imminent failure. Which means that the drive has not failed yet but it is going to. This is one of benefit of S.M.A.R.T enabled on the new hard drives these days. I am sure it should still be under warranty so place a call with the Tech Support and have it replaced.