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Proliant ML 5500 Memory Error


Proliant ML 5500 Memory Error

Hi Guys,

I have problem regarding upgrade of memory of Proliant 5500. Below are the specs:
Server Type: Compaq Proliant 5500
Operating System: Windows NT 4.0 Enterprise Edition SP6
Current Memory: 16 x 64 MB
Target Memory Upgrade: 1.8GB(by: replacing 4x64MB --->>> 4 x 256)

After the server boot-up, after a while it appears a Blue Screen invoking an error message of "Please contact your harware vendor"

Please help!!!

Oleg Koroz
Honored Contributor

Re: Proliant ML 5500 Memory Error

Brand ? Part Number ? System Parttion Update done? System ROM Rev. ?

Re: Proliant ML 5500 Memory Error

Hi Kov,

I've already done what you are suggesting.

Anything more that you could suggest?


Re: Proliant ML 5500 Memory Error

Hi Marvin,

It seems if you have done bios and run SCU, but still have an issue.

For further suggestion please prvovide the following...

What is the processor speed on your PL 5500 as well as are using a Compaq brand memory and what part number?


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