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Proliant ML 580 (P3 Xeon 700mhz)

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Proliant ML 580 (P3 Xeon 700mhz)

Our Proliant ML 580 (P3 Xeon) stopped working and we are unsure which part we are suppose to get replaced. There are two hot-swap PSU's and when we give power to either of them we are unable to power on the system. There is a blinking amber light on the front of the system with a lightbulb icon below it. We have already spent money replacing the Controller, to no avail. Compaq documentation says nothing about what this blinking light refers to. Please help

Example picture:

First LED next to the Power button (top left)

Any informative assistance is welcomed

Thank you
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Re: Proliant ML 580 (P3 Xeon 700mhz)


That's the power led and when it flashes you either have a thermal problem (multiple fan failure -less likely) or you have an interlock error (more likely) which is preventing the system from powering on.

If it is an interlock problem the code for the interlock error and failing item will be displayed on the system board interlock leds.

These have a code which you can use to identify the failing component. Look at these leds and compare them to the label inside the top cover of your server.

To save you some time I have extracted a few relevant pages from the DL580 G1 service manual to help you quickly identify the issue (hopefully). Please see attached document.

If you need any further assistance I'm sure there will be plenty of people on this forum including myself willing to help.

Please reply with your findings.

I hope this helps.