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Proliant ML and Sata direct access ?

Occasional Contributor

Proliant ML and Sata direct access ?


I need to build a Proliant ML server with 4 1TO hard drives under Debian linux :
First two drives will be assembled in a RAID1 array (either software or hardware RAID).
The two others drives need to be directly accessed (no RAID or JBOD or single disk RAID0).

I also need to be able in the future to add 4 more drives with the same configuration to grow (through LVM) my previous installation.

I taught about purchasing a ML150 or ML330 with two disk cages (4 disks per cage).
ML150 G6 or ML330 are furnished either with Smart Array B110i or smart Array P410/P410i.
But B110i supports up to to logical drives and P410/P410i is limited to 2 JBOD (or single disk RAID0). (About this last limitation see my previous post :

Is there a way to build this configuration ?
Is there a controller card allowing Sata direct access for 8 disks ?
Or allowing 2 hardware RAID1 + direct access for 4 disks ?
Do i need two controller cards ?

Thanks for your replies
Renaud Cabrol