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Proliant ML10 Gen random power down

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Proliant ML10 Gen random power down

Im hoping someone can help with a problem I have.

I currently have a HP ML10 Gen 9 which has been fine for months, but for the last couple of weeks has become incredibly problematic and unreliable.

It will just power off without any warning.  It may run for a couple of days.  It may also only run for a couple of hours.  Coming to it has the flashing orange light on the front.     I can just power it back on, but it doesnt help with the fact that its become unstable

I have run  hardware tests on it. The ram and the processor have all tested perfectly fine.  There are no errors in the BIOS.  Only errors in the windows eventlogs are the dirty shutdowns.   Everything is completely clean.

Usually I am good with hardware, but this one has left me completely stumped and I cannot even begin to think where the issue is.  

Im am starting to think there is some kind of dry joint on the mother board which is causing the crash.

Has anyone had any issues with these servers just randomly powering off.

Server is now out of warranty.

Jimmy Vance
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Re: Proliant ML10 Gen random power down

I'm not overly familiar with this model. The specs show it has Intel-AMT and from what I understand if configured can store events.  Maybe input power issue, is the system on a UPS?

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Re: Proliant ML10 Gen random power down

The system isnt on a UPS.


Re: Proliant ML10 Gen random power down

Hi Winny,

Looking at the discription of the issue , i would suggest the following action plan to be performed;

Action plan1:

Bring the server to minimal configuration ( One processor & one dim)

Disconnect the hard drives

Disconnect any external devices connected to the server

Remove any additional PCI devices installed.

If you have a spare power supply, try swapping the power supply and monitoring the server. 

Enable memory dump and get the memory dump analysed the next time there is a crash. 








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Re: Proliant ML10 Gen random power down

I have the same problemen, do you found a solution Please?

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Re: Proliant ML10 Gen random power down


Also got the same issue, system is on UPS so don't think its power related. Also replaced the PSU with a new one, but issue still exists. Originally thought was a kernel crash causing this, but now think the system just powers down,  requires a power cycle to get working again (AMT also goes offline too)

Did anyone find the cause/a solution?



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Re: Proliant ML10 Gen random power down

Ended up replacing the motherboard which resolved the issue,