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Proliant ML110 G3 - Smart Array E200 (Ready for Recovery)


Proliant ML110 G3 - Smart Array E200 (Ready for Recovery)



I'm having problem trying to re-build my RAID 5 array, one of my HDD went bad so I replaced it with a new same capacity HDD, at 1st it initialize until 100% then just sits there saying "Ready for Recovery" with an exclamation mark on the array icon, I have read quite a few topic regarding it but still it wouldn't rebuild.


I've tried plugging in the new HDD live & while the server is shutdown. Both method has the same results.


I attached the Array Diagnostic Report here, can someone tell me what’s wrong ?



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Re: Proliant ML110 G3 - Smart Array E200 (Ready for Recovery)

I saw this in the report:
Rebuild Aborted From Read Error

When I looked at the status of the 5 drives, 2 of them show their last failure reason as "hot removed"... did 2 drives get pulled out by mistake or anything during the rebuild? Drives 4 and 5

I'm guessing drive 5 is the replacement since it's a different make/model than the others, but otherwise it doesn't look like there would be any problems with it from what I could see.

Whatever caused it to have a read error during the rebuild, it doesn't like that and maybe it now thinks the array is unstable. I don't know if there's some error condition to clear out before it'll rebuild again or if it's now unsure which of those 2 hot-removed drives it should be using in the first place.

Drive 4 says it had some failed reads (0x0050 of them since factory, 0x0004 since reset).

Unfortunately that's about all I can tell... maybe someone with more experience with a situation like this can help. It just seems like the array is in limbo after a read error during the rebuild process and I don't know what it would take to jumpstart that again.

Re: Proliant ML110 G3 - Smart Array E200 (Ready for Recovery)

Hi, thanks for your reply. Sorry for my late reply, I was away during the weekends. Anyway, I did plug in another drive because I thought that the new drives might have problem, so just to be sure I pull it out & plug in another new HDD (Hot). At 1st it was initializing until it reach 100% the it just sits there with “ready to recover”.


Right now everything on the server is running fine (OS & Data), even if Drive 4 says it has problem, I can’t replace it until I can get Drive 5 up again. Since Drive 5 went bad, there are no more redundant left, so the next HDD that goes bad will take out everything. 


Here's another report after I try to update the driver & firmware, hopefully it can shade more light on the problem.



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Re: Proliant ML110 G3 - Smart Array E200 (Ready for Recovery)

According to me Disk 4 (1l:1:4) is causing the problem of not rebuilding of the new disk 5 (2l:1:5). Check:  Monitor and Performance Statistics (Since Factory) High number of Read Errors


Whenever in an array there is an disk with a lot of Hard Read Errors, but it is still good (=green), then that is a potential problem, whenever another disk in that array is suddenly failed. Because when you exchange the suddenly failed disk the array try to rebuild, but  notices that he can not rebuild it, because of that disk with the high Hard Read Errors.


The only thing that you can do at the moment is make a backup, exchange the disk 4 and delete/create again the array.

All data will be lost !!!

Restore the data again. I cannot see another solution, sorry !!