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Proliant ML110 G3 <- sound card? (FRANCE/ENglish)

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Proliant ML110 G3 <- sound card? (FRANCE/ENglish)

Hello all,

Need some help for this product.
I bought a Proliant ML110 G3 server and don't know what kind of sound card I could put plug in it.
I tried old PCI card but can't plug at all.
The PCI connection is inverted. (I have one graphic card PCI 8x express plugged in it)

There are two PCI connection left (32bit/33MHZ)
then one PCI expres 4X
What kind of sound card I can buy for it?
(give me the reference, constructor etc.)

Thank you ina dvance for helping me...
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Re: Proliant ML110 G3 <- sound card? (FRANCE/ENglish)

I tried a SoundBlaster Audigy card in my ML110 G2, but it did not work first time so I took it out. I did not take any time to do any serious detective work to understand why.

I now use some Logitech USB speakers designed for use with a notebook computer, which are excellent.
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Re: Proliant ML110 G3 <- sound card? (FRANCE/ENglish)

Thanks for your answer and your fil..

But I seek for a solution about the card sound .
Is there a soundcard that using 3.3 V/ PCI connection that can works with ML 100 g3?