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Proliant ML110 G5 - problem with Sata drivers on Windows XP

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Proliant ML110 G5 - problem with Sata drivers on Windows XP

Hello everyone.
We have bought this server and we need to install Windows XP Professional (with SP3) on it. I read that people had a problem with it because this system is not supported by server. I read many similar posts on this site. People said to install driver from usb floppy during install (F6) or integrate drivers with nlite software but it all didn't work.

1. I used nlite (ver. to integrate driver in version 1.4.17015.0 (from here: When I try to install such CD it displays message like this:file lsc_scsi.sys not found, so I don't know what to think about it. Maybe I did something wrong I don't know. Maybe I must try another version of nlite or something.

2. So I plugged usb floppy, I copied drivers on it and during install (not CD which I created with nlite but original CD with Windows XP) I pressed F6 and loaded driver from floppy (it was found like Adaptec SATA driver for Windows 32-bit. I was think that everything is fine but after formatting partitions and before copying files it shows screen with message: put disk labelled: Adaptec SATA Driver v1.00 (Windows 32 bit for 2000/XP/2003) to floppy. And in that moment floppy is like off at all - it doesn't recognize diskette, and I can't do nothing more, I tried to unplug floppy, plug again but it didn't work. I don't understant it, because with F6 I thought that drivers loaded correctly. I don't have ideas what to do next. I read also about USB key from HP site but I haven't one so I can't test if it works for me.

3. I had also tried to use CD I did with nlite and floppy with drivers. When I hit F6 it says that Windows already have newer driver than on floppy but if I haven't install it from floppy it shows that file lsi_scsi.sys is not found and the other side when I prefer to use driver from floppy (not from Windows) then everything is crashing (blue screen with some hexadecimal adresses)

Does anyone could help ?
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Re: Proliant ML110 G5 - problem with Sata drivers on Windows XP

I don't know did You already found solution?
If not, try this driver:
It's from HP site for Windows 2003, but work for me with XP...