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Proliant ML110 HP SC44Ge

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Proliant ML110 HP SC44Ge

Today I had to use the RAID configuration software with the Hp SC44Ge.

There are 2 hard drives in the server with RAID1. The primary hard drive had failed.

I called HP support and we could not get the secondary hard drive to boot up the OS.

I connected th secondary drive directly to the motherboard and was able to boot up to windows server 2003.

Why was I unable to boot with the RAID controller using 1 drive?

Johan Guldmyr
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Re: Proliant ML110 HP SC44Ge

There are limitations in the on board raid controller.

Don't remember exactly which but it was either the ML110 or the ML115 where the on board raid requires that the primary disk is working..

What G of the ML110 do you have?
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Re: Proliant ML110 HP SC44Ge

Proliant ML110 G5.

I am really surprised that the RAID controller did not protect me.

I will look into the smart array controllers and determine their capability.

Not much info on HP site for RAID controller and how they work when a drive fails.

Give me your comments on your favorite RAID controller.

Re: Proliant ML110 HP SC44Ge


compatible raid controller card for ml10 g5 check below link. Options

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