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Proliant ML110 - No see raid

Ole Hammer
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Proliant ML110 - No see raid

Choosing embedded raid with 2 500gb hd's in bios setup, ends up with not being able to se the drive(s) in Windows 2003 Server. I would expect to see One 500 gb drive.
The drives are visible in Windows in normal (not Raid) mode. Then as Two 500 gb drives.
What is wrong?
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Re: Proliant ML110 - No see raid

Hello :)

Yes, you have to configure raid first...

On server start, press ctrl+a or f8 and go into the controller bios. Then set raid 0 and after that install windows again.

Ole Hammer
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Re: Proliant ML110 - No see raid

Thanks, but isn't ctrl A only for the SCSI adapter?
And to get to bios setup i use F10. But there i can only select Raid enabled or disabled. Where can i select raid 0 or 1?

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Re: Proliant ML110 - No see raid

You mean you are not able to install Windows 2003 after configuring RAID? This is a common issue with the server & there are many threads discussing the different ways to install Windows (any operating system for that matter) on this server.

You would need a USB floppy drive. There is also a recommended HP recommended FDD for the setup. During the Windows Setup, press F6 to load the drivers for your Embedded RAID controller from the USB floppy drive.
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Re: Proliant ML110 - No see raid

Which key you press to configure RAID depends on which controller you have. During POST observe the messages, you should see an option to press a key to launch the RAID configuration.

If you do not get any options to configure RAID, select the RAID option in BIOS, save & reboot.
Víctor Cespón
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Re: Proliant ML110 - No see raid

If you are using the RAID controller, Windows does not come with drivers for it. You must provide the drivers in a diskette using a supported USB floppy drive.

1.44 MB USB Diskette Drive DC361B
NOTE: For the installation of Windows and other OS's, a floppy drive may be required to complete driver installation. A USB drive key may not work to complete driver installation.
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Re: Proliant ML110 - No see raid


today I had a Ml110 G4 and I followed this check it out

ProLiant Servers - How to Install OS on Embedded Sata Raid Controller with Out Floppy Drive or Slipstreaming OS CD

Most of the 100 series and 300 series servers does not go with the floppy drives and customer not able to install OS as he is not able to inject/supply Raid controller Driver. Customer has to use a Floppy Drive or a Slipstreaming OS CD.

Follow the steps below and there is no need to use Floppy Drive or a Slipstreaming OS CD:

1. Install the OS with Embedded SATA RAID Disabled (No Drivers or F6 required) on one Harddrive.
2. Once OS is installed, Extract the Embedded SATA RAID Drivers to a folder. HP Embedded SATA RAID Controller Driver for Windows 2000/Windows Server 2003:

Click here to go to HP Embedded SATA RAID Controller Driver for Windows 2000/Windows Server 2003
Go to Control Panel-> Add New Hardware->Device is connected->New Hardware->Raid Controller->Have Disk->Browse to the folder where the Embedded SATA RAID Drivers were extracted. Select the .inf file->Install Adaptec Raid Driver.

4. Restart the Server go to BIOS enable the Embedded SATA RAID.

5. Press F8 and go to Sata Raid BIOS->Configure the Drives->Create Array->Raid 0/1 A warning message will appear " Warning: Configuring the drives will erase all Array information from the selected drives, if that drive is part of an array. Arrays using any of these drives as members will be affected! Do you want to continue?(Yes/No): ". Press "Y" to continue.

6. If Raid 1 is selected it will ask you what is the Source Disk, select the Right Disk in which OS was installed previously. Warning message might appear again. Select " Y".

7. Rebuild will take sometime, once rebuild is complete restart the server.

Once rebooted Raid would be detected and windows would boot up, in windows it would detect new hardware and Adaptec Raid drivers will be installed. Now Server is built migrated to Raid Successfully.

it worked fine for me

Didn't your momma teach you to say thanks!