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Proliant ML110 Reboot / PCI fault

Bill DeLong
Occasional Visitor

Proliant ML110 Reboot / PCI fault

I run WinXP Pro on a 1st generation ML110 that has onboard IDE, and a PCI SCSI card.

The main HD is a SCSI raid array. (2 drives)

While surfing the internet, the computer went into an orderly reboot, without any prompting from me. It asked to save files, etc. I didn't think to try Ctrl-Alt-Del to stop it, and it rebooted.

Upon reboot, it made it to the WinXP splash screen, with the scrolling progress bar, then rebooted again. It cycles like that whenever I boot from that SCSI drive.

I thought my XP install was corrupt, and bought a new HD, an ATA / IDE. It plugs into the onboard IDE slot. I've got my CDROM as Primary IDE 0, and the new HD as Secondary IDE 0.

I'm running 4.06.20 RW BIOS.

I was able to install WinXP Pro on the new ATA drive without incident. However, I couldn't get it to find the SCSI drives.

Trying to download an updated driver, I realized I couldn't get the onboard NIC to work either. WinXP detects the device, but its status is "This device cannot start. (Code 10)."

I installed a PCI NIC (Netgear FA312) with the latest driver, and got the same Code 10.

I pulled out all the PCI cards, reset the BIOS to defaults, and still can't get the onboard NIC to work. The following devices have warnings in the Device Manager:

3Com 3C1000 10/100/1000 Desktop NIC (Code 10)

Base System Device (Drivers not installed, Code 28)
SM Bus Controller (Code 28)
System Interrupt Controller (Code 28)
Universal Serial Bus Controller (Code 28)

When I put back in the PCI cards (Video, Sound, SCSI) they too show up as being without drivers, and Windows can't find the drivers on my XP Pro Volume License Oct 2001 disk. This is the same disk that was used to install this system initially, and it found all the drivers then.

Does it sound like my motherboard is going out, or am I just short a bunch of drivers?

Thanks in advance,