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Proliant ML110 problems with embedded SATA RAID

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Proliant ML110 problems with embedded SATA RAID

I am installing W2K3 server 32 on a new ML110 G5. In addition to the 160GB drive that came with it I put in two Seagate 1.5TB 5900 SATA that I want to mirror. I downloaded the latest Easy Set-up CD from HP's site. However it did not see any RAID conrtollers after booting. I disabled the SATA RAID in the BIOS and installed Server 2003 on the 160GB drive and applied all patches. I noticed a BIOS update to 10/09/2009 on HP and update the ML110, hopeing that the RAID would be improved. What happened was the main Fan continued to run on high!! From this forum I found I needed to also update the iLO firmware to 3.11, even though i did not have a iLO card. This fixed the loud fan problem.
But if I enable SATA RAID in the BIOS the ML110 blue-screens on bootup. If I disable SATA RAID server 2003 boots up OK and I can see all disks.
The Easy Set-up CD boots ok with Enabled Raid but still does not find any RAID controllers.
The info listed when RAID is inabled is: "HP Embedded RAID Controller SATA - B2235 V5.0-0" and an Adaptec copyright (odd because I thought it was Intel!).
I don't mind re installing server 2003, but I am not sure what driver to use and where I would get it. And how would I install it.
I may forget about the onboard RAID and use Dynamic disks!
Jimmy Vance

Re: Proliant ML110 problems with embedded SATA RAID

if you search through the forum, you'll find several entries with answers to your questions

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Re: Proliant ML110 problems with embedded SATA RAID

After many searches of these and other forums, I found that the Easy Set-up CDs are the problem. If I enable SATA RAID in the BIOS and install Sever 2003 with the Microsoft install CD the RAID disks are recognized OK. So I blew away the Dynamic disks. Setup RAID 1 on the 2 1.5TB disks and installed W2K3 on the 160GB drive that came with the ML110.
But now I wonder if I have the best driver for the SATA. In device manager it is listed as 2 devices:
Adaptec Processor Device(Pseudo) and Adaptec Serial ATA HostRAID
The driver is: aaraici.Sys 1.4.17010.0 adaptec
Should I leave well enough alone or try to update to anther driver?

Re: Proliant ML110 problems with embedded SATA RAID

Hi Nash,

HP ProLiant ML110 G5 Server series - Setting Up the Installation of Microsoft Windows Server Using the Embedded SATA Controller

Enabling SATA RAID functionality in the BIOS Setup Utility:
1. Boot the server, and then press F10 to enter the ROM-Based Setup Utility (RBSU).
2. Go to the Advanced tab.
3. Enter the Advance Chipset Control .
4. Set up the SATA as Enable and the SATA RAID as Enable .
5. Press F10 , Save and Exit .
6. Reboot the server.
7. During post, f8 will now show up for the embedded SATA setup.
Creating the RAID volume:
1. Enter the Array Configuration Utility.
2. Enter Create array .
3. Create the raid volume. Select the Hard Drives .
4. Choose RAID 1 , and enter Array Label , Create RAID Via as Quick Init .
5. Exit the SATA setup.
Using the driver while installing Microsoft Windows Server 2003:
1. Download from HP Embedded G5 SATA RAID Controller Driver for Windows Server 2003

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Re: Proliant ML110 problems with embedded SATA RAID

I downloaded the driver recomended. When I clicked on the exe, it told me driver was already installed. I extracted the data and did a driver update from Device Manager. All looks good.
I think I understand what is going on now.