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Proliant ML115 AMD


Proliant ML115 AMD

Hi There.

I want to buy this server. the price is good and it comes with an AMD Opteron 1210.

The thing is, is the electricity is expensive in the UK and I want to know if this server comes with the 1210HE model (65W TDP) or the orignal 103W version.

Your help is appreciated.

Many Thanks
Honored Contributor

Re: Proliant ML115 AMD

Hi Jonathan,

The spare part listing for the ML115 CPU's shows that they are the 103W versions.

Please see attached image file.



Re: Proliant ML115 AMD

Thanks for your reply.

Do you know how much power these servers take when running idle??

Electricity works out at about £1 (USD$2) per watt per year so the difference between the XEON (65W) and AMD (103W) is about £38/year which is very significant for the size of my business.

Help would be appreciated cheers!