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Proliant ML115 G5 not responding

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Proliant ML115 G5 not responding


I'll keep this as short as possible.

I have a ML115 G5 that has been in service for some year. Recently it stopped booting, i have the following lights:

Board: power? health? led on (green), heartbeat led blinking (green)

Case: power light (yellow) on

If I hit the power-on button it will fire fans at full blast and do nothing besides that, even with nothing connected (i mean, no processor, no ram, no hdd, ncd)

Is this something fixable via software?

I have seen a fair bit of posts on the forums where solutions are described, but the files/media they use are nowhere to be found...

Or does this mean I have to replace the motherboard?

I'm mostly guessing its this one, but wanna listen to experts first.


Thank you kindly for your help.