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Proliant ML150 Fan Problem

Occasional Contributor

Proliant ML150 Fan Problem

Morning all, I have a Proliant ML150 g6. The last few days I'm having the most annoying problem.

For some reason at random times during the day, the fans will 'reset' on the server, causing them to suddenly go full blast and then returning to normal a few seconds later.

When the fans reset, I get a email to tell me that a fan has been removed, then a second later the second fan shows as being removed too.

This causes the server to automatically shut down. Even though after a few seconds I get two more emails saying the fans have been connected again.

The only thing that has changed is I updated insight manager from 6.0 to 6.02. Along with some windows updates which were just security and forefront definitions, no drivers etc.

There are no events showing up on the ILO. I have updated the management controller driver and the ILO firmware. I'm baffled to why it's doing this.

Any ideas?
Vaibhav Gandhi
Frequent Advisor

Re: Proliant ML150 Fan Problem

Hi SBrown87,
I do not belive updating insight manager or windows updates would cause such thing.

First I would like to suggest to physically reseat all the fans on the server.
Secondly check System ROM version, if its below Version: 2009.07.06 (18 Aug 2009),please update the same.
You can download this from the below link;
Johan Guldmyr
Honored Contributor

Re: Proliant ML150 Fan Problem


Is it only happening during the day? Or at night too?

Have you tried monitoring the CPU usage or something like that? On the server? Any activity or something like that going on prior to the reboot?

Does it say which fan in the e-mail? Is it always the same fan? If you have more than one of this fan in the system, can you try to swap them?

Re: Proliant ML150 Fan Problem

One more suggestion to fix this issue:

There is a Lights-Out 100 Remote Management firmware update which has a fix for this fan issue "Resolved a security issue where a malformed packet could cause the BMC to reset and the system fans to go to maximum speed."

Occasional Contributor

Re: Proliant ML150 Fan Problem

Thanks for the suggestions everyone. I'm afraid I've already updated the ILO firmware and drivers. Firmware is on 4.21.

I've also reseated both of the connectors for the fans, the BIOS is the latest version as well.

I've removed insight manager as well. The emails about the fans have stopped but the HP Event notifer keeps crashing so for all I know that's still another issue.

I stupidly bought a fan controller as well but obviously the HP fans don't have the standard 4 Pin connectors so that was useless (also it doesn't boot without the fans plugged into the mobo).

Any other ideas?
Michael A. McKenney
Respected Contributor

Re: Proliant ML150 Fan Problem

Did you upgrade the server board firmware? Did you upgrade all the management software on the server?
Trygve Henriksen
Respected Contributor

Re: Proliant ML150 Fan Problem

Have you checked that there's nothing in the area that causes heavy vibrations that could theoretically cause the connectors to 'fail' for a moment?