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Proliant ML150 (G1) ZCR Raid

Chris NZ
Occasional Contributor

Proliant ML150 (G1) ZCR Raid

I’ve just inherited the above server and need to upgrade the disks to get more space. This model has different trays than usual Proliants so was wondering if a standard U320 HotPlug 10K from say a DL380G4 will work in these trays?

Also does anyone know if the Adaptec ZCR 2010S support RAID level migration/expansion? The server currently has two 36gb in a mirror which I need to upgrade. The machine should be EOL by now but just want a cheap temporary fix while retaining the security of the raid setup.

Ideally I was hoping to simply add another 36gb and migrate to raid 5, which to me would the best way forward ATM.