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Proliant ML150 G2 Hard Drive problem

Occasional Contributor

Proliant ML150 G2 Hard Drive problem

I've got a proliant ml150 G2 running windows 2003. raid-5, 146gig total drive, and 2 partition (C and D). Over the weekend I was doing the Windows Update. Then after the last update was installed, it required a reboot. After the reboot, the OS was coming to Windows LOGO, then reboot itself. It kept continuously doing that until after 10th reboot, i got an error. Disk error read (press control-alt-del).

I did have the backup. So I load the windows 2003 server CD, installed the OS in my C drive fine. After installation was completed, I deleted my D partition. Then tried to format it, and noticed it gets stuck in 3% and locks up the server. It somehow freezes the server and the only thing I need to do is cold boot. Even while it is locked up, I can ping it, but cannot access any other process, run any application, anything.

Do I have a bad drive in there?
If so how can I identify which bad drive is since it's SATA drives.