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Proliant ML150 G2 Turns itself off after power-on

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Proliant ML150 G2 Turns itself off after power-on

Hi everyone,

I have a proliant ml150 g2, and 2 70 gig disks in stripe 0 mode.... (adaptec aic-7901x controller).

the problem is that i can't access data , because my server a few days ago just in the middle of work turned off, and when i tried to turn it on again, it tries to boot, i hear a strong noise, and it shuts down.

Tried changing the MB battery, took all components out, tested the RAM memory, but nothing.I even took out the scsi controller, and disconnected all cables, but same thing occurs.... So, it must be the motherboard, but, i am hoping it is a glitch or something.....  (even read something about termal sensor replacing, but i don't have one on G2, do i ??? )

Then when you leave it off for half an hour, you turn it on, and it even boots, you see it testing the controller, and then it just drops on rpm's and turns off again,.

I hope i explained it well, since english is not my native language

In any case i am grateful for any given advice




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Robert Egloff
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Re: Proliant ML150 G2 Turns itself off after power-on

Does it have multiple CPU's? If so - try removing one at a time and see if it boots with a single CPU. Don't forget you might have to pull the volatage regulator near the CPU also. 


I'm not familiar with the ML150 specifically, but I know I ran into that same problem with a ML350 G2 a while back.



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Re: Proliant ML150 G2 Turns itself off after power-on

Thank you for your reply :)

It has only one cpu, should i try and pull out the processor and insert it into the other socket, would it even work, and is it worth trying, because, i have taken all the components out, except, motherboard, RAM, CPU, and of course powersupply.

What bothers me, is that it powers up, i see the boot screen, and then it just lowers the fan speed, and turns off, after which it doesn't boot at all.

I was thinking it was a faulty motherboard, but i am not familiar with server motherboards, and i was thinking there might be some small thing to check, because it does turn on, but works only for a few secs :(


Robert Egloff
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Re: Proliant ML150 G2 Turns itself off after power-on

Hmmm, you could try that I suppose, I think I would if I was up against a wall on the problem. Although; I'm thinking CPU slot 0 (first one) will need to be populated - but maybe not. Make sure you move the voltage regulator (if there is one, it'll be very close to the CPU) also. 


Should look like this - single CPU system may not have it though. You know - I have no issue getting in these servers and messing around, but I don't always memorize just what's in all the systems.. :)


Did you try memory in pairs also? Try pair 1, then pair 2 - by themselves.


If you can - try it with the minimal amount of hardware possible, to isolate the problem. Some systems will power up with a single power supply. They all should with at least two RAM chips in the first pair's slots. 


But I do recall - when we have another server with a bad CPU - the fans would only run at full speed and never slow down. If It's showing some of the POST screen - my first guess is that the system board and CPU are good. 


But it's most certainly acting like there is some bad hardware in there - and I'd guess RAM, CPU, or another component - but yeah, it's possible the system board is bad too.

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Re: Proliant ML150 G2 Turns itself off after power-on

Thank you Robert,

I will do what you suggested, and will let you know.

The problem is , i only have RAM chips with no ECC on it, and they don't work on this mobo, but i will try changing the power supply first, and then tomorrow i just might borrow some RAM.

I guess you are also interested in how it developes, so i will post my results :D

thx again

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Re: Proliant ML150 G2 Turns itself off after power-on

You could try disabling the thermal shutdown option in the BIOS settings, just to see if that's causing the shutdown.


But be careful and check the SMH to see what the temperatures are inside.


Could one of the fans be faulty?  Either it's not spinning at all, or the fan speed sense isn't right?  If the system thinks one of the fans isn't working right, it might shut the system down to be safe, but that doesn't happen until the system management drivers load?  It's been a long time since I've worked on those older machines, but I remember the fan speeds were controlled by OS drivers (they'd run at full speed on boot until the OS loaded and the software took over).


Newer servers (maybe from the G4 and on?) have fan control built into the BIOS I guess, since the fan speeds are regulated from the time you turn the system on.