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Proliant ML150 G3 (SATA) and RH EL 4 Update 1 instalation

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Proliant ML150 G3 (SATA) and RH EL 4 Update 1 instalation


I'm trying to install RH EL 4 Update 1 on the above mentioned server, but I'm stuck when loading the driver for the controller. I have two identical drives in the server and in BIOS I set the following options :

Parallel ATA : Enabled
Serial ATA : Enabled
SATA Controller Mode option : Enhanced
SATA RAID enable : Enabled

I have downloaded the driver "adpahci-1.2.5571-1.rhel4.i686.dd.gz" and wrote it to a DVD using the following procedure :

- gunzip adpahci-1.2.5571-1.rhel4.i686.dd.gz
- mount -o loop adpahci-1.2.5571-1.rhel4.i686.dd.gz /mnt
- copied everything from /mnt to a Windows notebook and wrote those files with Nero to a DVD(ISO)

I have booted RH with "linux dd" and inserted the burned DVD when the setup asked for the driver disk. The setup tries to load adpahci and tg3 as seen in the other console, but as soon as it want's to install linux on the drives it says "No drives found". So, the SATA controllers isn't detected...

Have I downloaded the wrong driver or what am I doing wrong? Please help!
Andrej Trobentar