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Proliant ML150 G3

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Proliant ML150 G3

I want to install Windows 2000 or Windows 2003 on the ml150 G3 on a raid1 built under the HP Embedded SATA Controller.

I use à Floppy USB with the Sata Controller Driver , boot on the cd Server , hit F6 to load into memory the driver, accept the license , create my partition (NTFS) and after the setup ask a second time the Sata Controller driver and nothing !

No Floppy access !..

I have the same problem with the SAS / Sata PCIx Controller.

Can anyone help me to undestand and find a workaround.


Didier DANEL
Honored Contributor

Re: Proliant ML150 G3

Hello Danel,

For some,the installation seems to work first time.
Few users have posted different issues while installation.
Will search for those links,its a weekend now.

In the meanwhile you could:

1.Enable Raid option under the Controller in the BIOS if its not done.

2.Disable USB Legacy mode in BIOS and see if USB floppy works.

3.If above 2 does'nt work,slipstream service pack and raid controller drivers into the base OS and install.This is so far been the best and successful approach on 100 series server.

Though this one is for Xp,the method is more or less the same.

Jorge L Gomez
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Re: Proliant ML150 G3

I have the same problem, I need to install Windows 2000 server on a HP ML150 G3and also onto a HP DL140 G3, but i got the same error.

The ML150 G3, have one processor

I tried the "nliteos" solution suggested and the install process continues until the installer reboots the system, then I got the message:
Oleg Koroz
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Re: Proliant ML150 G3

What model of USB floppy drive ?
Had you tried different brand ?
try f you have one
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Re: Proliant ML150 G3

Hello ,

I confirm that the installation of windows 2000 or 2003 run correctly with a floppy usb (SFD-321U/HP ; 254304-001) when i work with Jbod volume (Sata Raid Disable internal or external controller).

For me it's bug of bios or a bad patameters in Bios , but i don't find.

Thanks for any help
Michael Galdones
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Re: Proliant ML150 G3

To Mr. Jorge

Hi!It seems that we have the same issue with DL140G3.Have you found a way so far in installing Windows 2000 Server?
I already used the nlite software but i still get BSOD..

If you have solution, please share it.

Jorge L Gomez
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Re: Proliant ML150 G3


It finally works, I have two DL140 G3, with two SAS discs in Raid 1, I download the "U320 SCSI Adapter, SAS/SATA HBA with RAID and SCxxXe series HBA Driver for Windows 2000" join it with the nlite software, I choose text version of the driver, I made the ISO and burn the CD.

Then I attached an IDE CDROM to the IDE Bus, and connect it with an external power supply. Boot the server from the CD, and it completes the installation.

Before the installation, I tried a lot of times with nLite: W2k + drivers + hotfixes + SP3/SP4, but no good results, so I update all firmware availables on drivers page: Bios, storage controller and Lights-out.

I think I've tried the final solution before, but it didn't work, so I guess the firmware updates helps.
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Re: Proliant ML150 G3

Hi ,

You must use only the 391091-001 floppy usb drive.
With this floppy Windows 2000 , 2003 and 2003R3 can be installed successfully with the F6 method during setup to add the good driver.

this test was run with the sas/sata Pcix controlleur (Lsi).

Best regards.
Didier Danel