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Proliant ML150 G6 - Clone Array

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Proliant ML150 G6 - Clone Array

Hello !

I'm the new DSI of an entreprise with a Proliant ML150 G6 : I've to change the 2 SAS disks (EF0600FATFF) by 2 server SSD disks (Kingston 960Gb DC400).

The smart array is configured RAID 1 + 0 (I don't understand a RAID 1 +0  with only 2 disks O_o )

How can I clone these 2 old disks to the 2 new disks ? (by using SmartArray or else)


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Re: Proliant ML150 G6 - Clone Array

Officially they are not supported but you probably can make it work. There are several issues here.

1. The ML150 has 3.5 disk drive bays, and the current SAS disks are LFF disks. The new SSDs are probably 2.5 or smaller and you have to use some kind of bracket adaptor.

2. When the ML150 G6 came out, there were no SSD drives so these might not be supported but most likely will work as 6GBb SATA drives. 

3. You need to tell us which raid controller you have. It's one of the B110i, P410/Z, P410/cache/BBWC.
If it's the P410/cache/BBWC option, you can replace the drives, online, without losing your data. You have to follow the array expansion procedure. With the other two raid controllers, you either have to save and reload your data or if you have disk slots in your server, you can add the new drives, create new raid volumes and copy the data over.



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Re: Proliant ML150 G6 - Clone Array

> (I don't understand a RAID 1 +0  with only 2 disks O_o )

I think HP(e) uses/used the RAID terminology like this:

  • RAID 1: strictly 2 physical disks for one logical disk. No extending beyond the size of the physical disk.
  • RAID 1+0: like RAID 1, and usually initially 2 physical disks too. But if you need to expand it, you can add another pair of disks and extend the logical disk onto them.
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Re: Proliant ML150 G6 - Clone Array

the terminology in hpe even varies from one product family to the other ...

Hope this helps!

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