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Proliant ML150 - SATA raid + eSata drive

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Proliant ML150 - SATA raid + eSata drive


I have a customer with a new ML150.
4 SATA disks internally, 2 for the OS & 2 for the DATA.

They wanted a disk based backup solution next to their built-in DAT72 drive.
So I installed a Belkin PCI-Express SATA/eSATA device.
This way the backup is finished asap, since USB2 is only 480Mbps & eSATA is 3Gbps.

The problem is, when I reboot the server after patches are installed, the server won't boot Windows. The boot process stops when I see approximately the following:
Booting from CD-Rom
Booting from Hard Drive (c:)

and it just sits there, doing nothing.
If I disconnect the eSATA drive it boots fine.

In the BIOS (using F9) I set the boot controller order to first cd-rom, 2nd Built-in IDE, 3rd built-in HP Smart Array E200, and last the Belkin PCI-X controller on PCI-X slot 1.
I changed them all but it still won't boot if the eSATA drive is connected.

Does anyone here know how I can fix this besides using the drive's slower USB2 connection?




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Re: Proliant ML150 - SATA raid + eSata drive

This is typical for any inexpensive ATA device. You would have the same result when you add an IDE HD controller. THey assume the boot strap, only a few, the Adaptec for example, have a BIOS setting so you can remove it from the BOOT strap.
I guess my point is, it is no longer the Servers boot order that is in control, it is the Belkin device taking over and it is the one you need to be able to configure in its BIOS (if it has one). If not, well you are stuck looking for a controller that can be configured.
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Tremblay Marc-Étienne
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Re: Proliant ML150 - SATA raid + eSata drive

Hi !

I have exactly the same problem with a old Proliant ML 375 G3. My card is a


When the computer boot, I view a detection section where my external hard drive is detect and bios select int 13

If i disconnect the hardrive I view Bios desable and the Channel 0 and Channel 1 are empty.

I have open a thread about my problem on the forum. The tech from the SIIG have know to try of desable the rom option in the bios of the computer. So i dont have try for now.

Marc-Etienne Tremblay