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Proliant ML150 SCSI Problem

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Proliant ML150 SCSI Problem

I have a Proliant ML150 G3 server with an LSI SCSI controller card. I'm having a problem setting it up as there is no floppy drive. I tried using a USB floppy drive and no dice. There is also no way to connect a floppy to the machine . Is there any other solutions on setting this up?
Víctor Cespón
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Re: Proliant ML150 SCSI Problem

Official answer form server Quickspecs:

USB Floppy Drive, External DC361B
NOTE: For the installation of Windows and other OS's, a floppy drive may be
required to complete driver installation. A USB drive key may not work to complete
driver installation.

Other HP official answer:

Most of the 100 series and 300 series servers does not go with the floppy drives and customer not able to install OS as he is not able to inject/supply Raid controller Driver. Customer has to use a Floppy Drive or a Slipstreaming OS CD.

Follow the steps below and there is no need to use Floppy Drive or a Slipstreaming OS CD:

Install the OS with Embedded SATA RAID Disabled (No Drivers or F6 required) on one Harddrive.

Once OS is installed, Extract the Embedded SATA RAID Drivers to a folder. HP Embedded SATA RAID Controller Driver for Windows 2000/Windows Server 2003:

Click here to go to HP Embedded SATA RAID Controller Driver for Windows 2000/Windows Server 2003 (

Go to Control Panel-> Add New Hardware->Device is connected->New Hardware->Raid Controller->Have Disk->Browse to the folder where the Embedded SATA RAID Drivers were extracted. Select the .inf file->Install Adaptec Raid Driver.

Restart the Server go to BIOS enable the Embedded SATA RAID.

Press F8 and go to Sata Raid BIOS->Configure the Drives->Create Array->Raid 0/1 A warning message will appear "Warning: Configuring the drives will erase all Array information from the selected drives, if that drive is part of an array. Arrays using any of these drives as members will be affected! Do you want to continue?(Yes/No):". Press "Y" to continue.

If Raid 1 is selected it will ask you what is the Source Disk, select the Right Disk in which OS was installed previously. Warning message might appear again. Select "Y".

Rebuild will take sometime, once rebuild is complete restart the server.

Once rebooted Raid would be detected and windows would boot up, in windows it would detect new hardware and Adaptec Raid drivers will be installed. Now Server is built migrated to Raid Successfully.

Servers Supported: Servers with Embedded SATA RAID Controller:

HP ProLiant DL320 G5 Server
HP ProLiant DL320 G4 Server
HP ProLiant DL320 G3 Server
HP ProLiant DL140 G3 Server
HP ProLiant ML310 G4 Server
HP ProLiant ML310 G3 Server
HP ProLiant ML150 G3 Server
HP ProLiant ML110 G4 Server
HP ProLiant ML110 G3 Server

Other possibility:
Use a third party USB floppy and edit the .INF file on the drivers to make it work with that floppy.
Víctor Cespón
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Re: Proliant ML150 SCSI Problem

Sorry, it's a SCSI controller not SATA. Second solution does not apply.
Fourth possibility is using nlite to integrate the controller drivers on the Windows CD.
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Re: Proliant ML150 SCSI Problem

5th solution could be to get the OS installed on one drive using another box.
Last, send all those 100series back to HP pissed off. This having to use a HP USB Floppy drive is the most ridiculous thing ever. They just HAD to make an extra $1?
Hot Swap Hard Drives
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Re: Proliant ML150 SCSI Problem

I ended up using nLite. I embedded the driver into the windows installation and worked fine. It did happen to blue screen twice while setting it up. Can't expect much more from a cheap server though (was out of my jurisdiction to purchase this)
Christopher Bader
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Re: Proliant ML150 SCSI Problem

I'm having a similar problem. I'm trying to install Suse Linux on an ML150 G3 supposedly configured for RAID 5. I can't get the OS to see the RAID. It sees three SATA disks.
Zakie Baihaqi
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Re: Proliant ML150 SCSI Problem

It Works Great. ...Raid1 on ML150 G3

Here is my trick for Installing CentOs 4.4 on Embedded SATA RAID
on Proliant ML150 G3 with no floppy drive:

I have 2x 250Gb SATA drives using raid1, but centos 4.4 always detect my raid1 as two drive
sda and sdb, i have no idea after i found the trick.

Preinstalled first:
- download preinstalled driverdisk at hp support&driver website
file called HP Embedded SATA RAID Controller Driver Diskette for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4 (x86)
download the file : adpahci-1.2.5571-1.rhel4.i686.dd.gz and save into your drive
- extract that file using winzip/winrar, and copy extracted file "adpahci-1.2.5571-1.rhel4.i686.dd"
into your flashdisk (usb removable)
Make sure you have file "adpahci-1.2.5571-1.rhel4.i686.dd" in your flashdisk
- Set BIOS to enable RAID on SATA Enhance and make sure firs boot is CDRom
- After AHCI Raid Utility appears, Set Raid Array by press F8 and build your own Raid0 or Raid1
(i am using raid1 for mirroring data), and finally build can take a several minutes/hour.

Installing CentOS 4.4 Server CD:
- Plug your flashdisk/usb stick to server usb front
- Boot from CentOS server CD
- When boot promt appears type "linux dd"
- After prompt, Choose from "sda" and "/sda/sda1"
- The file in your usb sticks looks like file "adpahci-1.2.5571-1.rhel4.i686.dd" and enter
- OK now I have load module from that file.
- Now, my Raid1 is detected as one drive as mirror disk.
- Continue installing CentOS with your draw.

That's my experience, i have no tested with SCSI Controller, but i think the tricks are the same. Maybe i can help the people too.
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Re: Proliant ML150 SCSI Problem

I would like to ask for help here, since everyone is talking about this topic here.

I managed to install Win2003 Server into the server by using external floppy drive, but both of my SATA HDD can't be detected when i wanted to configure RAID1 in the RAID controller mode. However, both of my HDD shown fine & able to be detected by the server at the BIOS info page.

Can anybody help? Is this related to any setting in LSI?
Justin Medcraft
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Re: Proliant ML150 SCSI Problem

I also have a Proliant ML150 G3 server. I have managed to sucessfully re-boot using my Small Business Server 2003 disk and have pressed F6 to install additional HP Embedded SATA / RAID controller drivers. My disks have been configured with RAID 1 and have been marked as bootable. However when I get to the Windows Installation where I am required to create my partitions I am told that 'There are no disks available' and to check my third party software etc. I am at a loss as to what to do next? My USB floppy disk drive works fine as it reads the disk and seems to install the drivers. What do I do next?
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Re: Proliant ML150 SCSI Problem

i having a Proliant ML150 G3 as well, i dont know how can i install window, i just having 1 HDD and want to install Window Server 2003, i had try using external floppy drive to install SAS HDD driver, and that driver i download is provide by HP technical department through email, i extract the files and plugin to floppy it prompt please insert floppy into drive A, so what can i do now inorder to install OS with 1 HDD
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Re: Proliant ML150 SCSI Problem

integrate winserver2003 using nlite, only 32 bit were allowed to insert (exclude 64 bit) in storage controller...change IDE to RAID in bios....try it....... it works....

Re: Proliant ML150 SCSI Problem

Hi There,


As per quickspecs of ML150 G3 server, it comes with two models:


SATA Model:

Integrated 6 port SATA Raid Adapter

Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) Model:

HP 8 Internal Port SAS Host Bus Adapter with RAID which is from LSI




SCSI Hard Drives are not tested. Hence, not listed as supported options in quickspecs.

SCSI controller is supported but that is to connect SCSI internal or external Tape Drives.


USB Floppy Drive is required to provide driver during Operating System installation. HP USB Floppy Drive is recommended. However, you may use the other floppy drive with some changes in vendor ID information in storage controller driver file (TXTSETUP.OEM)

For example:

  • Add Manufacturer id under [HardwareIds.scsi. (device name)]section.
  • id = "USB\VID_03F0&PID_2001", "usbstor" #--HP


If you have retail version of LSI Controller and using USB Floppy Drive other than HP brand then please contact your vendor to get this information.


Ensure the correct driver for this controller.

You may take an idea from this Customer Advisory : c01382037 about integrating driver into OS media or Floppy.



Hope this helps,






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