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Proliant ML150 hangs

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Proliant ML150 hangs

I have a Proliant ML 150 G3 with windows 2000 SP4.
All Drivers and the Firmware are up to date.
The Hardware should be ok, all components are already exchanged by HP.

Two Harddisks are connected on the embedded SATA Controller(RAID Level 1).
The RAM is 2x512 MB.

Now the Problem:

If I copy some files (total 1GB) via network from a Workstation to the Server and use the Server at the same time (for example: open the Workplace Properties) the system hangs after a short time. No mouse or keyboard action is possible, but the copyjob continues. Even if the copyjob is finished, Windows hangs further on.

I have already setup the system two times, and the HP Support don´t know a solution.

Is there anybody who knows the problem ?
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Re: Proliant ML150 hangs

Hello andy,

Such issues are quite tricky and make take a while to figure out.

1.Does it happen only while copying files over the network?
2.Do you have to power-cycle the server to bring it back to normal?
3.Whats the function of this server?
4.Have you checked if any service hogs up memory/cpu?