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Proliant ML310 G5p RAID: does someone have a definitive solution?

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Proliant ML310 G5p RAID: does someone have a definitive solution?

Good morning

I have a problem with a Proliant ML310 G5p with 3 HD (1TB)

I'm trying to rebuild a RAID1 on 2 of the 3 HD. It was "Degraded".

First of all: the led of the 3 HD are off; they only blink once when I turn on the server but they all remains off all the time while they are working.

Following the HP assistant instruction I istalled all the software on the o.s. (Windows server 2008 R2 standard) but neither the Array configuration Utility (ACU, ver. and HP Smart Storage Administrator (HPSSA, ver. can't detect any controller. I found on this forum that it's normal with an HP (Adaptec??) Embedded SATA RAID Controller.

If I press F8 during POST to enter in the RAID Configuration Utility (located on the controller BIOS) I can see the controller. I installed the GUI-based HP Storage Manager(ver. 5.01.00) on Windows server and it seems to work too.

What I've done: I removed the second HD of the RAID1 and testing it, I found it partially broken (with HD Tune ver. 2.55).

I replaced the HD with a new one and tried to rebuild the RAID1 first with HP Storage manager under Windows: the process was very slow and didn't complete successfully after a lot of hours.

The I tried to use the RAID Configuration Utility in the BOIS and the offline process was faster during the night: when it finished an error message told me that there was a problem with the old HD where the o.s. was running and the process was not completed correctly.

When I rebooted the RAID was "Failed" and the o.s. doesn't boot. Fortunately I read on this useful forum how to solve: I deleted the RAID1 and Windows now is working!

Now I have one HD that is "ready" (the new one), one that is partitioned (where the o.s. is running) and the third that is part "optimal" and is part of the only logical drive (array?) present (I use it only for data...).

Before I used RAID Configuration Utility in the BOIS I tried to use a HP Proliant Array Configuration Utility (v. using a DVD after a system reboot, as the assistant suggested. With this offline method I can see the three HD but they didn't result in any array. I was afraid when I saw that and prefered to use the BIOS utility instead of it.


Someone can help me?

I can give you more info and screenshots if necessary!