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Proliant ML330 G2


Proliant ML330 G2

This thing has an AMI MegaRaid IDE Raid in it and I'm wondering if I can use Partition magic to resize the partitions on it. Has anyone ever tried this and what was the final outcome.
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Re: Proliant ML330 G2

First, all the disclaimers.

A Proliant normally would have a SmartArray card installed, which is a Compaq RAID controller.

I tried resizing a partition on a NetRAID 2M, which I think is AMI, on a NetServer, and it worked fine. It will not reconfigure the RAID itself, of course.

So, for instance, I had 3 x 18 GB disks in a RAID 5. This gave me like 30 or 35 GB of raw space. Into that, I had a C: and D: partition, each about 8 GB. I booted into DOS from floppy and ran Partition Magic. No problem expanding the D: to fill all available space.

However, if I had originally allocated only 16 GB to the RAID volume, I would not expect Parition magic to be able to reconfigure the RAID to expand. I would have had to back up, re-do the RAID volume, then restore.

Most likely, the ProLiant would behave the same way, but I haven't directly tried.