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Proliant ML330 G6 - silent diskless?

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Proliant ML330 G6 - silent diskless?


What I really want to achive is to get it run much more silent. The fans are pretty noisy (64db)

Some ideas

  1. If I boot from SD card I don't think having 1st HDD-cage has no value in this scenario. 
    1. should be able to remove upper fan connected to 26(manual)/35(sticker of case) if I remove all connectors to 1st HDD-cage
  2. If I remove cpu heatsink and replace that with active cooler I should be able to get rid of the lower fan also.
    1. now all fans but case fan in the back have 6-pin connector which only users 4 center ones and cables are black, red, yellow and blue
    2. and connector 24(manual)/30(sticker of case) has similar female connector as the fans but  yellow (tacho) and blue(pwm) are interconnected
    3. so could it be that simple, just find similar connectors as fans and interconnect yellow and blue?

Re: Proliant ML330 G6 - silent diskless?

Hi Jarinirv,

Thank you for Posting your Query on HPE Community.

In order to assist you with the query, i would like to know few more details.

  • What is the Server Configuration (Standard Fan Configuration OR Redundant Fan Configuration), If you can share the Product Number that will help us in undertsnading the configuration of the Unit.
  • When the unit is Turned ON, Please check if all the Fans are spinning?
  • Please check the LED Indication when the unit is up and running?
  • Please share the Details of the Hard Drive which are installed on the unit? (Model number/Spare Part Number)

Use the Below mentioned Tool to run a Diagnostic Test, This will help us in understanding if there is any Failure:

  1. Place the file on a USB, make it as a bootable Device and boot the server with this USB.
  2. Select Maintenance
  3. Open Diagnostic Tool and run the Test and share the results with us.
  4. If Possible generate the survey report and share the below mentioned details:

- BIOS Firmware

- Controller Firmware

Once we have the details we will share an Action Plan or the reason for Loud Fan Noise.




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I am an HPE Employee

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