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ProLiant Servers (ML,DL,SL)
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Proliant ML330 Video/LAN/IDE boards

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Proliant ML330 Video/LAN/IDE boards

I've just bought two IDE ATA 100 boards from an ML330. The guy who sold them says they work but when I plug them in my PL800 they appear dead. There's no video output nor LAN activity and I can't get the IDE disk attached to work.

Any ideas?

Phillip Williams_2
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Re: Proliant ML330 Video/LAN/IDE boards

Adrian -

Assume you are talking about the boards out of a Generation 1 ML330.... Retired Sunday, March 31, 2002

Quickspecs for ML330e
(the one with the IDE board I think) describes the boards as " Integrated Dual Channel Ultra ATA/100 Adapter (ML330e Models) or Integrated Single Channel Wide Ultra2 SCSI Adapter (ML330 Models) " and does not quote a Compaq p/no for the adaptor.

Does anyone out there know where/who Compaq bought the adaptor from or if BIOS/drivers are available anyhere?


which lists BIOS & Software for the ML330e lists nothing I can see for ATA adaptors which suggests to me they won't work out of the original box...

That's my best guess, hope I am wrong...

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Re: Proliant ML330 Video/LAN/IDE boards

There is another cable coming off the board called a SMIC connector.
I would have thought fromnnormal cards though that for a LAN card poer from the PCI bus should have brought it to life?