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Proliant ML350 G4 - 1789 Error During Startup

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Proliant ML350 G4 - 1789 Error During Startup

Good morning,


I'm have a Proliant ML350 G4 with a Smart Array 641 controller.  The server is running a RAID 0 array with three 72 GB hard drives.  I am attempting to add a fourth hard drive to expand the array.  After plugging in the hard drive and starting the machine, I got a 1789 error during startup (see attached screenshot).  The text read:


1789-Slot 5 Drive Array Disk Drive(s) Not Responding

           Check cables or replace the following drive(s):

                    SCSI ID 2

           Select "F1" to continue - all logical drive(s) will remain disabled

           Select "F2" to fail drive(s) that are not responding - Interim Recovery

                                mode will be enabled if configured for fault tolerance


I pressed F2 but the machine got stuck in an infinite boot loop as it tried booting from the CD-ROM, floppy, and NIC in that order.  When I shut the machine down, unplugged the new drive, and started up again, I got another 1789 message saying SCSI ID 2 was previously failed but was now operational.  I continued with startup and the machine booted normallly with no apparent data loss.


My question is why plugging in the fourth hard drive would cause SCSI ID 2 to fail.  SCSI ID 2 should be the third hard drive in my current array.  Why would adding the fourth drive (which will be SCSI ID 3 if I can expand the array) cause a failure in SCSI ID 2?


The three existing drives are all 72.8 GB 10,000 RM U320 68-pin SCSI, HP spare part # 332934-001 and HP assembly part # 365695-004.  The new drive has the same specs but is HP assembly part # 364330-002. 


- Is this simply be an incompatible drive?

- Should it be a compatible drive and I just have a defective hard drive?

- Do I have a problem with the cable?  I doubt it because the cable works with the existing three drives, but maybe it's a problem isolated to the plug I'm using for the new drive.

- Do I have a problem with a driive in the existing array that only crops up if a fourth drive is connected?


I have attached my ADU diagnostic report for the existing array.  Since I can't get through startup to expand the array I can't provide a diagnostic that would include the fourth hard drive.  I'm grateful for any help.


Best regards,