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Proliant ML350 G4 BBWC Issues

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Proliant ML350 G4 BBWC Issues



I have run into problems with a newly installed BBWC for the Smart Array 641 in my Proliant ML350 G4 server.  On Friday I installed the BBWC.  After startup, ACU gave me a message saying the arrary accelerator had been disabled because of a failed battery.  I rebooted the server and checked ACU again.  This time it said the battery was charging (but the accelerator was still disabled until charging was completel).  I let the machine run over the weekend to charge the battery.  When I checked ACU this morning (Monday) ACU was again reporting a failed battery.  I'm trying to find out if I just need a replacement battery, if there's a compatibility issue with the BBWC (I have a part number discrepancy), or something else entirely.


The BBWC I ordered was HP part number 351580-B21 (combination of the BBWC and battery).  However, the vendor shipped me HP part number 356272-001.  This part had the correct battery on it, and it fit into the slot on the Smart Array 641.  ACU did not give me any accelerator compatibility error messages, only the battery message.  Can I rule out a compatibility issue?


I am running Firmware 2.84 on the Smart Array 641, so it should be new enough to avoid the old firmware related battery issues, right?


I have attached my array diagnostic report.  Any help would be appreciated.  I am ttrying to expand my array capacity because I'm running out of usable space quickly, and this issue is holding me up.


Best regards,



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Re: Proliant ML350 G4 BBWC Issues

I always use spare part number (SPN) 413486-001 for battery issues on 641, E200 or 6i problems 128MB BBWC. They use all the same BBWC. The other SPN's will sometimes cause a new battery failed  after 2 or more days. Most of the time SPN 413486 is included with new battery (SPN 307132-001).


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Re: Proliant ML350 G4 BBWC Issues

Hi PZ,


Thank you for your reply.  I ordered another battery from the HP parts store (P/N 307132-001) and installed it yesterday.  Its status has been OK for about 24 hours now.  I will keep an eye on it in ACU for any problems.


Now I've moved on to another problem, but I'll put that in a separate post.


Thanks again!