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Proliant ML350 G4 running Netware 6.5 - Drive Failure

Peter Horan
Occasional Visitor

Proliant ML350 G4 running Netware 6.5 - Drive Failure

I have had two SCSI Drives fail within a couple of weeks of each other in a ML350G4 running Netware 6.5. Is there a means of extracting a log or some information from the Server diagnostics on what may be causing the Drives to fail?

All responses are greatly appreciated.
Tarek Kawach
Honored Contributor

Re: Proliant ML350 G4 running Netware 6.5 - Drive Failure

Hi Peter:

Yes there is.

- When you boot up to the smartstart cd 7.51 (can be downloaded from HP website)
you can run the server diagnostics and it will run a test on the drives.

- another good report to get is the Array diagnostic report ; that is if you have an array controller .

ADU report; run it and save the file
attach it here ; and I will take a look at it for you to let you know if there is a scsi backplane issue ; or the drives are just bad.

- another thing to make sure is to update all the firmware on the server ; bios , array controller and drives.

you can update this from the Firmware maint. cd.

- for novell ; it is a good idea to make sure that all the firmware and drives are at a close or same revision; meaning same release date from HP.

Proliant support paq and Firmware.

Best regards,


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