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Proliant ML350 G4P Ram Issues

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Proliant ML350 G4P Ram Issues


I'm trying to upgrade the ram on our server. We have a Proliant ML350 G4P with 2x512mb sticks of Samsung 1Rx8 PC2-3200R-333-10-A3. These two sticks are currently occupying the first two slots. I tried to place 2x1Gig sticks ok Kingston(KVR400D2D8R3K2) PC2-3200R CL3 ECC 240 in the next two slots. The system did not post.

I then removed the existing samsung ram and replaced it with the kingston ram. The system posted but produced a memory error stating that I need to replace the memory with 512mb ram. The system did not recognize that the ram was 1 gig. I checked the Bios verison and it is HP D19 8/19/2005, which is suppose to have some kind of fix for this.

Is one gig ram per slot not compatiable?
Is the Kingston ram compatiable with the Samsung ram?
Should I move the Kingston ram to slots 5 and 6?
Finally should I install the latest Bios eventhough the current one should fix this error?

Thank you