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Proliant ML350 G4P - install 2nd Gigabit Adapter - fail

Josh Palmer
Occasional Visitor

Proliant ML350 G4P - install 2nd Gigabit Adapter - fail

I'm trying to upgrade our HP Proliant ML350 G4P tower server,
(P/N: 470063-583) with a 2nd gigabit network adapter.
Dual Xeon, dual redundant power supplies installed.

- Slot 1 is listed as PCI-E X4, half length, but is 98 pins,
same as x8. Cover panel says x8 cards are supported in this
slot, but will run at x4 speeds.
- Slot 2 is listed as PCI-E X8, full length
- Slots 3-6 are PCI-X slots

1st attempt was with an NC110T (PCI-E X1).
Shutdown server, disconnected power.
Installed NC110T in slot 1 (PCI-E X4).
Connected power, powered up.
Result was External health LED = RED = Critical power failure,
would not boot.
Tried again in slot 2 (PCI-E X8, full length).
Same result.
Removed card, server booted normally.
RMA'd the NC110T.

Ordered NC373T, PCI-E X4 Gigabit Server Adapter
Shutdown server, disconnected power.
Installed NC373T in slot 1 (PCI-E X4, half-length).
Connected power, powered up.
Result was INTERNAL health LED = RED = System health critical,
would not boot, shutdown automatically.
Removed card, same error, + system fan (367637-001) non-functional,
would not boot, auto shut down.
Luckily I had a spare server not in use, and was able to borrow
it's system fan, otherwise would be dead in the water.
Server booted normally, no errors.

I contacted support.
They suggest to install the NC373T in Slot 2 (PCI-E X8, full length),
that the NC373T requires a full length card.
From documentation here:
It says it's compatible with x1, x4, x8 and x16 slots.
The only reference to requiring a full length slot is under
'Additional Gigabit Server Adapters', for the NC380T -
'NOTE: Supported on a full length-full height slot only.'

Any suggestions?
Anyone else run into this problem?
I'm concerned that something is wrong with the mainboard, or
something else. If I install it in slot 2 and it blows up
the system fan or something worse, we'll be down, I don't
have another fan yet, no spare motherboard either.