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Proliant ML350 G4p Thermal Threshold

Filipe Carreira
Occasional Visitor

Proliant ML350 G4p Thermal Threshold


I'm having the following issue with Proliant ML450 G4p server: I have multiple events related with System Overheating (Location CPU, Temperature 81C) in Proliant Log Viewer. Every event of this class is followed by an Operating System Class Event indicating that an Automatic Operating System Shutdown Initiated Due to Overheat condition.
Oddly enough, I've checked the Windows System Log and every one of those System Shutdown's was aborted due to "System Information Agent: Health: A Temperature Sensor Condition has been set to ok. The system's temperature has returned to the normal operating range."
Right now the Internal Health Led is Red and the Thermal Threshold Led in the motherboard is Amber. All other leds are green or off.
The HP System Management Homepage does not indicate any failed / degraded items and the temperature (both CPU and System) is normal.
The server's warranty is void since a fourthnight and the only way to talk to a Support Enginner is via a budget, but I'm not sure even if there is really a broken / malfunctioning part. My only dought concerns the Main Fan: is appears to be made of two fans; one is spinning, the other is not. What this denotes? That the Main Fan is malfunctioning or simply that it is not running at full capacity?

Any help is much welcome.

Best Regards, Filipe Carreira
Occasional Visitor

Re: Proliant ML350 G4p Thermal Threshold

Hi Filipe,

On this servers the fans, all of them, should be running, on this case I believe that the Fan that is failed is the one that is causing this problem and due to a malfunction the other fans are not spinning faster.
I recommend you to Re-Seat the Fan that is not spinning/working and Switch it to another location on the server to check if that fan works on another slot because there is a possibility that the fan is not failed and that a System Board (mother board) isn't working.