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Proliant ML350 G5 - SSD upgrade - only SATA2?

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Proliant ML350 G5 - SSD upgrade - only SATA2?



I have a Proliant ML350 G5 with E200i inboard controller and 8 2.5" drive bay.


The old SAS drives are broken and I am considering SSD drives instead.

I am planning a 3 SSD disk RAID5 for starters.


Since the SAS/SATA interface is identical is seems easy, but still I have questions about this.


The SAS interface is 6 Gbit/s and I wonder if it will support the speed of SSD SATAIII which also is 6 Gbit/s?


If not....


         What would be sufficient speed on the SSD disks to use the maximum speed of the E200i?

         Is there any add-on board which supports SSD SATAIII and the HP 8 port 2.5" drive bay connectors?



Thanks for any input.




Re: Proliant ML350 G5 - SSD upgrade - only SATA2?



Raid 5 requires a 128MB BBWC optional upgrade kit on E200i controller.


please refer to quickspecs for supported SSD drives on E200i controller


hope this helps,


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Re: Proliant ML350 G5 - SSD upgrade - only SATA2?



That page helped me realize what hardware I have. SAS speed is 3G and SATA only 1.5G.


No need to look top range speed SSDs...just a waste of money.


Anyone have any experience around this topic feel free to share.



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Re: Proliant ML350 G5 - SSD upgrade - only SATA2?

Yes, you can use 2 SSD 120Go on E200i for the system.


I already made that on 3 ML350 G5 with E200i.


You must put the 2 SSD, create a Raid1 Array, Clone the SAS disk to SATA disk, and you can just remove (offline) the 2 SAS disk for looking if the system boot normaly. After, you remove the 2 sas disk from the Array configuration.


Then, if you would, you can, offline, remove the 2 ssd and put it back in place of the sas drives. (only if you had removed the sas drives from the controller configuration).


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