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Proliant ML350 G5, bay 5 and 6 not working

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Proliant ML350 G5, bay 5 and 6 not working

We recently had a power failure / surge which fried both redundant power supplies and the power supply backplane for our ML350 G5. After replacing all of those components, the server boots and operates just fine. However, the drive in bay 5 stopped working- failed on server boot. Note the LED front panel lights for that drive were not lit- no green, blue, amber or anything else. I assumed the drive had failed, and replaced it with a refurb drive. The new drive was exactly the same- no indicator lights. I'm wondering if the drive array backplane has partially failed. Any thoughts?

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Re: Proliant ML350 G5, bay 5 and 6 not working

okay...when you smoked up both(!) of your  power supplies i hope you're thinking about something to protect your replacement parts before beinig damaged once again. Did you find out what caused the damaged to your power supplies?


when it comes to a power supplie failure where they are damaged you have a real serious problem with your power connection. there might be a very high voltage input or a very high ampere if you don't save your hardware stuff from this --> there might be more failures then just the power supplies. i think your board or at least your raid controller / harddisk addapter should be replaced. maybe in the moment its's just luck that your server is still running, but it might be only a question of time when the other drives in the running bays will stop there work...i good news...but if i would be responsible for your server, i would change this part to keep the system up and stable.