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Proliant ML350 G5 - not booting from drive at cold start


Proliant ML350 G5 - not booting from drive at cold start

Proliant ML350 G5 - E200i controller, latest FW, 146 GB SAS disk in mirror configuration.


When the server reboots, and at power-on, disk C: is shown as first boot device but skipped and the server then attempts a network boot, basically causing the server not to start without local intervention. Pressing Ctrl-Alt-Del leads to a reboot, after which the server boots properly from disk C:


Checked BIOS setings, controller FW and HP disk FW, by now I am out if ideas.







Re: Proliant ML350 G5 - not booting from drive at cold start


Considering E200i is the first controller in Boot Controller Order and hard drive c: is the first boot device under Standard Boot Order (IPL).


Controller, BIOS and HDD firmware is the lastest.

You may try to clear the NVRAM from BIOS level first.  If still the issue persist then clear the NVRAM from the system board.


From BIOS -> Advanced Options -> Restore Default System Settings.
DO NOT use Restore Settings/Erase Boot Disk.


From System Board -> item 17 (switch 6) is the System maintenance switch.  By default its in OFF position.


NOTE: When the system maintenance switch position 6 is set to the On position, the system is prepared to erase all system configuration settings from both CMOS and NVRAM.

CAUTION: Clearing CMOS and/or NVRAM deletes configuration information. Be sure to properly configure the server or data loss could occur.

Good Luck!

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Re: Proliant ML350 G5 - not booting from drive at cold start

Well Rian above mention steps should help to conclude the issue, having said that if doesnt help you can give try this:

As you have already mentioned that the server is running on the latest firmware, just wanted to reconfirm if the BIOS is up to date. (20 July 2011) I have seen this rare scenario on this particular model and with the same HDD spec how ever on Raid 5. Yours seems to be somewhat close. During a cold boot of a ProLiant ML350 G5, the Smart Array E200i would not POST and as a consequence, the operating system would not boot.  To regain functionality, the system had to be warm booted with the Control-Alt-Delete key sequence. 


  • Please check the controller cables connected to the HDD. 
  • Check for any  error message related to the controller (such as 1782,1785)
  • Check the array diagnostic report (ADU) for HDD related errors

It is possible that the hard drive failed in a way in which it caused a SAS addressing conflict that prevented the initialization of the Smart Array. This has been seen in rare circumstances in the SCSI world involving hard drives, CD-ROM drives, tape drives, and other SCSI devices, and is not HP specific. There is no redundancy possible to prevent such an active failure, but the good news is that it is exceptionally rare and easy to test for.

  • Use the smart start dvd and run 3 loops on the HDD and controller and check for any error message. 


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