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Proliant ML350 G5 power on problem

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Proliant ML350 G5 power on problem

Product Name: Proliant ML350 G5
Operating System: Microsoft Windows Server 2003


I have a problem with Proliant ML350 G5 (single Xeon CPU). When i try to turn it on by pressing power button (PSU fans started to spin) there are 2 red lights (internal health and external health) on front panel and 1 amber LED inside, meaning PPM2 problem. Tried to turn on without CPU or/and RAM - the situations doesn't changed (there is no any additional signal/beep/led/etc).

The main question is - What is PPM2 and is there any solution to read data from raid device (E200i controller, 4 SAS drives, RAID 10).

PS Power supply was changed about 3 years ago, previous one has "dead". Normally, power connected via 800W UPS, also tried to connect directly.

Thank you.



Re: Proliant ML350 G5 power on problem


PPM2 is processor power module for second processor.

PPM1 is embedded into the system board.

If you are installing second processor then install PPM2 also.


Now for this issue, the problem could be with the Power supply unit or PPM2 if there is a PPM installed.

Try swapping the power supply unit.


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Re: Proliant ML350 G5 power on problem

When you removed the 2nd processor, did you also remove the PPM2? It must not be installed without a CPU.

Do also check for faulty capacitors. ML350 G5 do have problems with capacitors very often. Sometimes they will work again after replacing the caps but sometimes the system board has permanently died.

If the capacitor look bulged on top or even leaking.... that's the problem

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