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Proliant ML350 G5 raid 5 failed to boot, help pls!

Albert He
Occasional Visitor

Proliant ML350 G5 raid 5 failed to boot, help pls!

Hi, we are using 5 72G SAS hdd for raid 5, one hard disk drive smart failed, we got the replacement from HP. When windows is running, we took out the failed hard drive and after few seconds blue screen come up. We put the new one into the pc and windows won't boot. We run windows sbs 2003 disk, and run recovry console, can dir C:, after few hours (we let the automatic recovery process to run), we tried again, same issue. We put the old hard disk into the server, windows still won't boot, but when we were using the recovery console, we can dir C and see all the folders. we tried to run chkdsk, it faided at 25%. Then we tried booted from shadowprotect CD (an backup software), we can see C drive, but the all partition only have 10G availabe, the partition is supposed to have 273G. We can see all the folders but most of the folders are empty. What is wrong and what should we do??

By the way, we have the backup image, we resored to an IDE HDD, but the server won't boot from IDE HDD, is another other way we can boot the server for the time being? We don't want to touch the raid 5 array at moment. Do we have to buy a very expensive SCSI hdd?

Thanks for any help!