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Proliant ML350 Server and PXE errors

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Proliant ML350 Server and PXE errors


I recently installed Windows 2000 Server over Windows NT Server on my Proliant ML350 box.

I am now getting two PXE errors.

PXE-E61 - Media Test failure, check cable

The machine then attempts to boot of the floppy and cd drives. Then the Intel boot Agent Version. But all I get is the "Non-System disk or disk error message."

Any help would be gratefully appreciated.

Martin Breidenbach
Honored Contributor

Re: Proliant ML350 Server and PXE errors

These PXE mean it tries to boot from the network and there doesn't seem to be a cable connected.

The main question is why it doesn't boot from hard disk.

What is your hard disk configuration ? Which controller ? RAID ?

After you installed W2K - did it work ?

If you update NT4 to W2K you first must uninstall the NT4 Compaq drivers. AFAIK there's a special utility to do this.

BTW - is a network cable connected ?
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Re: Proliant ML350 Server and PXE errors


Thanks for the reply. Yes, the cable is connected.

After the 2000 installation, it did work for a period.

I dont have a RAID operation in effect on this server. Just a single 9.1 GB disk (which is working fine).

Is there a way I can disable the PXE boot and instead boot from the disk?? I have tried the BIOS (06/17/2000), but it doesnt seem to give me the option.

Would there be a problem with my Server Feature Board????