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Proliant ML350 hangs up randomly

Occasional Visitor

Proliant ML350 hangs up randomly

I have a Proliant ML-350 server with Red Hat Linux 8.0 installed.

Since some days my server hangs up randomly. There is no alerts in log files or error messages. The screen is black and server is not responding - I don't can log in by SSH or the console.

I suspect overheating or hardware problems. BTW, second ventilator is not working during normal operations. Will be turn on automatically (depending on current temperature) or there is a monitoring software needed?
John Marinov
Frequent Advisor

Re: Proliant ML350 hangs up randomly

Yes, install the management agents. You will need the SMARTSTART CD.

The problem has to be low level. Heat, memory, CPU or motherboard. Not good news.

Installing the agents will mean you might get more information.

Good luck..
Mike Brewer_2
Occasional Visitor

Re: Proliant ML350 hangs up randomly

A client of mine has over 30 ML350's running Novell Version 6. They are seeing a very intermittent 'unanticipated power down' problem in some of their servers. Users come to work Monday to find their server off. Occurs once over the course of months, sometimes different days of week. Simple power on brings server back to life with no apparent problems. UPS software not configured to drop power. They are trying two power supplies per machine, but did find one of their dual power supply servers down. (not sure if that was the same issue). No messages in Insight Manager. Logs not indicating a reason. No ventilation problems. Hasn't happened during business hours yet. (knock wood). You could try dual power supplies.