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Proliant ML350p g8 Centos Installation

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Proliant ML350p g8 Centos Installation

I need to install Centos 4.4 in HP Proliant 350p G8 but the problem is .. I dont have the disk driver 


How can proceed to install my OS ?


Thank You

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Re: Proliant ML350p g8 Centos Installation

The HP Technical Exception Matrix for RHEL says that the minimum supported RHEL version for ML350p G8 is RHEL 5.7 for 5.x series, and RHEL 6.1 for 6.x series:


The RHEL 4.x series is not supported by HP at all for this hardware.


According to RedHat lifecycle documents, old releases get new hardware support added only in Production 1 and Production 2 lifecycle phases. For RHEL 4.x, the Production 2 phase ended on February 16, 2011.


Since Proliant Generation 8 was introduced in February 2012, RedHat definitely won't add support for it in RHEL 4.x.


Since CentOS is a clone of RHEL (except for RedHat logos and other copyrighted elements), all of the above should apply to CentOS too.


If you want to install CentOS 4.4, you have a programming project: you must get the source code of the current disk controller driver from the RHEL 5.7 kernel source, and backport it for the CentOS 4.4 kernel. It is probably possible to do it, but it requires significant Linux kernel programming experience. It's probably not worth the effort.


You could also run a newer CentOS release on the ML350p G8 as a virtualization host, and CentOS 4.4 as a virtual guest on it.


In my opinion, if some application absolutely requires a 5+ years old OS, the only smart thing to do is to install the OS + application on a virtual machine.

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Re: Proliant ML350p g8 Centos Installation



You can also refer guided troubleshooting for other issues

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