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Proliant ML370 Boot Problems

Mark Elder
Occasional Advisor

Proliant ML370 Boot Problems

Hi all,

I have a used ProLiant ML370 P17 Rack Server which I want to install with the latest SmartStart 7.10 CD and then Windows 2003 server.
I have tried everything but cannot get this server to force boot from the CD to start the SmartStart utilities.

I have tried erasing the system and reinstalling the SCU from scratch. - no luck.

I have tried setting the boot order to CD first through the F10 utilities. - no luck.

I have tried to boot from SmartStart 7.10 CD which supports the ML370 P17 according to HP documentation. - no luck.

I have tried to boot from Windows 3002 Install CD - no luck.

I have run Compaq Diagnostics from Diskette and it has found no apparent hardware or system problems.

I am able to erase and recreate the Array Configuration for the disk bank no problem.

I found a link to a microsoft technote on how to create a Boot Disk for Windows 2003. However I don't know which driver to rename to Ntbootdd.sys - do I use the driver for the CD-ROM in which case how do I identify it and where do I find it. OR - do I use the driver for the SmartArray 5300.

The server spec is as follows:
Proliant ML370 P17
2 x 1GHZ Processors
SmartArray 5300 controller
5 x 9.1 GB SCSI disks arranged into a 4 Disk RAID 5 array plus 1 online spare
Lates BIOS donwloaded and installed from HP site.
CDROM on an IDE bus I presume as it doesn't show up on the SCSI device list

All advice would be gratefully received as I am pulling what hair I have left out trying to figure out what I can't get this server to boot from the CD.


Trusted Contributor

Re: Proliant ML370 Boot Problems

Hi Mark

What error you are getting while using smart start 7.10?

Could you try using Smart start 5.5

I have a doubt about ML370 G1 server supporting Smart start above 5.5 ver.


Mark Elder
Occasional Advisor

Re: Proliant ML370 Boot Problems

Hi -

I am using SmartStart 7.10 the latest one which does support the ML370 P17 according to the documentation.
Apparently Windows 2003 support in SS requires 6.30 or higher.

However, I'm not sure that's the problem as I can't even get any CD's to boot off the CDROM whether it be SnartStart, W2003 or any other CD for that matter.