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Proliant ML370 G2 Server Need To Upgrade

Jeff Mortenson
Occasional Contributor

Proliant ML370 G2 Server Need To Upgrade

I have a MS370 running W2K (latest SR) dual processor, with a Smart Array 532 hosting 3 18.3 GB drives (SCSI ID 0, 1 & 2). The server is a work horse and will continue to be useful for years to come, if I can upgrade the drives.

How can I upgrade the drives without causing even a remote chance of a loss of data?

I would simply like to increase the drive size.

There are 3 empty slots in the Disk Array, can 3 new drives be installed into these empty slots and the data migrated over to the new drives?
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Re: Proliant ML370 G2 Server Need To Upgrade


1- Get 3 same spare part # drives (Same speed and size)

2- Add the drives to the server
3- Open ACU and select the existing RAID
4- Add the drives this RAID
5- Select RAID againg and select mor options
6- Set Expand priority to high
7- Expand ( it can take up to a week with the server up and running and depending on the drives size)
8- Go to MyPC, right click, select manage and expand the logical drive.

9- You can also use something like partition magic to expand the logical drive.