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Proliant ML370 G3 - Boot problem

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Proliant ML370 G3 - Boot problem

Hi there,

Can anybody can help with my problem please?

When i switch on the machine and after the POST the screen gives the following message:

Press F8 for multiindicator configuration-SCSI bios not installed-broadcom netscreen gigabyte boot-system currently configure for microsoft WIN2000/win net

Press F1 to continue
Press F9 for ROM based setup utilities
Press F10 system utilities

When i press F1 to continue the system remains at the same position as i described. By the way system is installed with WIN2000 Server SP3 (build 2195).

James ~ Happy Dude
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Re: Proliant ML370 G3 - Boot problem


1) Check Boot Controller & device Order in BIOS.
2) Check if the Controller is Enabled in BIOS.
3) Reseat the SCSI cables to the HDD/Backplane
4) SWAP the SCSI CABLES !!!!
5) Flash/Update Controller Firmware.

(*) Do You have HP NC320T Gigabit Server Adapter in the server ?